Saturday, July 23, 2011

Let’s mingle with Malayalam

Malayalam is one of the most commonly spoken languages of Kerala in the south, whose extension reached to different parts of the country and abroad as well. The introduction of globalization and liberalization has, in fact, brought the countries under a single business umbrella, breaking the existing trade barriers, that has caused a great positive impact in the domestic markets. Like every other industry, translation industry also obtained an impressive position in the market.

However, people having a lot of desire to expand their business need to reach out for grass root connection with the locals. English to Malayalam Translation has come out as the re solution for those facing communication barriers on the path of their business success. Today, we can find a number of English to Malayalam Translators who are into this business; they are employed basically in the organization providing translation services. In India, this language is very popular and is followed by a large number of people especially in the south. Malayalam translators are, these days, enjoying because of their business expansion, heralded by increasing business in Kerala. The increased level of standard lifestyles of people due to economic development ensured an area of interest of enjoying holidays outside one’s home town. This further developed the travel and tourism industries where maximum number of interpreters and translators are associated.

This Malayalam can be conversed or translated into many other different languages. India being multi-cultural, people of one state to another cannot understand till they are interpreted or translated. However, English a language whose popularity and familiarity are prevalent all over the world, changed the perspectives of people that it became a tool in the present market scenario.
Now, everyone has a sound knowledge of English but no knowledge at all regarding local Indian languages so English is usually taken as means of understanding. Beside these, people who speak Malayalam sometimes, few of them cannot express in English which brings a huge communicative gap; in order to fill up this gap there must be the translators who may understand both the languages.

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  1. Malayalam, a language spoken in Kerala, has been at its peak providing a lot of employment opportunities to people who want to work as translators or interpreters due to the increasing demand in the global market.