Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Assamese is the language of Assam, widely spoken by people living there. This language had crossed the boundaries and even reached to Arunachal Pradesh where it is profoundly spoken and became the part of daily life. Assam is an important member of the seven sisters; it became a business hub which attracted the attention of many people from various corporate sectors. It led to the popularity of Assamese language far and wide.

There are many things from natural to man-made which have obtained a huge market value; these things got immensely exposed across the country into the global market as it became further strengthened due to market position India obtained globally. With all the international trade barriers removed many foreign companies started throwing a lot of investments in India looking the future prospect the country has with fast developing economy. However, before making any business venture, market research is done along with the negotiations both with the Government and local people.

In order to disseminate the important information to the people who are not fully aware about the companies and their products, they need an effective communication for it. Again there arises a problem in the form of language barrier which would directly block the channel of communication. As for illustration, people visiting to Assam for any sort of business meet, need to deliver speech in their local language, Assamese, if the main aim of the meeting is to propagate information to Assamese people. They need translators who can interpret English to Assamese Translation. Ten to fifteen years back people did not have the scope they have now particularly in local language sector. The desire for business expansion in this cut throat world requires people to devise different tactics to move fast and head to the top. Getting Assam under one’s business domain needs the contribution from English to Assamese translators who should be hired by companies venturing in Assam.

The importance of Assamese translators and interpreters has recently got heightened due to an increasing demand not only in the Indian markets but also in global markets. The employment possibilities of Assamese Translation mostly lie in the translation industry which owing to the demand got the industry status and is now capable enough to provide employment to large number of people.

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