Saturday, August 6, 2011

Romanian-A language for one and all in Romania

Isn’t it nice to put your hardly earned money for lifetime memorable use after a long time? If you feel so, then the scenic beauty of landscape and cultural history of Romania is desperately waiting you. Nothing to bother about language problem; English to Romanian translation will take care of you in understanding every cultural detail, which is available in every corner of the world.

Romanian is an Indo-European language spoken in Romania, Republic of Moldova by majority of the people. However, minority of people speaking this language are found in countries like Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Macedonia, Russia, Serbia, Spain and Ukraine.

This language is officially used in Romania, Moldova, Vojvodina (Serbia) and European Union. Total number of people speaking this language as first chosen language is 24 million and number of people using Romanian as their second language is 4 million.

English to Romanian translation has become an integral part of today’s market developing techniques adopted by people. Romania, the country belonged to the category of developed countries usually has certain amount of dominance in the global market. Many countries are having business ties with Romania and its neighbouring countries since the inception of globalization and liberalization. These two processes have brought a drastic change to the global market. The removal of the trade tariffs and restriction led by liberalization gave birth to a new global market full of competitions from all around the world. Today no single company is there who has no competitors in the market; this change in the market is the outcome of liberalization making translation of languages a big necessity.

The necessity of language translation has increased as pushed by demand in an international market. The companies are thriving hard to enlarge their business network globally; it ensured the people from corporate world to resort to different tactics in order to keep pace with changing time and market scenario. Romanian translation and localization is being taken as a vital tool to make or form root connection with the local people which is a base for any business establishment.

The demand led emergence of translation and interpretation industry has changed the perception of the people towards the languages. Gone are the days when people used to ignore giving due importance to the languages. But all these things became past now.

Romanian translators have a countless number of opportunities; a large number of Romanian interpreters are engaged in various elite jobs. AS for example, many Romanian interpreters are hired by Governments required for every visit of delegates to Romania to translate or converse the talks into their language to avoid misunderstandings.
Looking the successful business graph of language translation industry, the Government is stressing hard to promote foreign language education. In India at Delhi, there are many Government recognized universities like Delhi University, Jawaharlal Nehru University and Jamia University which provide Romanian and other languages courses at more reasonable costs.


  1. Romanian translation emerged as a major business tactic; it opened flood of opportunities to people and Government, as it became an important source of revenue and employment generation for country.


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