Wednesday, September 11, 2019


A Multimedia Translation is widely known as Audio-Visual Translation. The different modes of this type of translations include Audio (radio), Audio and Visual (Screen), or written, Audio and Visual (Multimedia) channels are used as source texts. The process of translating in Radio is very much similar to that of the translating voice-over for TV interviews.

An Audio-Visual Translation may hold all translations, as like for production or postproduction in any media or format. This may also includes new areas of media accessibility, like subtitling for the deaf or hearing impaired and audio description for the blind and visually impaired peoples.
Firstly, training translators in this specialized field had to simulate the working conditions, the software programs and original Audio-Visual contents to translate are needed, along with professional translators to teach about all the related fields.

Other such software’s like “Subtitul@m” and “REVOice” resolves the first problem which are used to simulate subtitling and dubbing or voice-over. But to teach the translators with the help of expert teachers of this field are still a challenge for recreation the actual working condition only the active professionals could offer the day to day experience, and they had to be prepared to follow a timetable and never ending preparation and correction of the tasks. With the help of these professionals we are able to understand the Movies or TV conversations which are not somewhat understandable to us.

In today’s world it has increased the demand for dubbing, subtitling and has also opened the opportunity for many professionals. Some companies offer an excellent location for Audio-Visual translation research and for teaching the traditional and new online formats.

The whole area of the Audio-Visual Translation includes not only the “State of the Art” research and teaching of Audio-Visual Translation, but it also the professionals’ experiences. The two elements, translation and Audio-Visuals, have been accepted to language learning in general and subtitling calls for a variety of skills that can be improved through the activities in the different stages of the subtitling process.

After complete the subtitling process each projects undergoes some verification process. First, one native speaker is read the subtitle file without watching the video. It allows identifying the mistakes in spellings or punctuations in the subtitles. Second step of verification is simulation. The film or program is screened with complete subtitles and check for any errors of the previous processes.
In the today’s world a very good professional perspective of the Audio-Visual Translations is “Film Dubbing”.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Assamese Translation Importance in Business Perspectives

As we know translation is related to two languages. Language is the most important factor in the life of all beings in this world. We use language to express internal thoughts and emotions. Language makes sense of complex and abstract thoughts. We use language to communicate with others and fulfil our wants and needs, as well as to establish rules and maintain our culture.

Generally, the word “Translation” is the process of translating words or text from one language into another. In recent years language translation and interpreting industry has been described using the terms of Globalization, Internationalization, Localization, and Translation. The importance of translation in international business focuses on every growing body of theoretical and empirical works.

 In India illiteracy is a huge problem in development. But prosperous business or industry wants to make understandable the thought, purpose and scheme of any product to all the general people. It is frequently said that communication is one of the most important aspect of any successful business. Moreover, each people can't be able to understand all the languages of the world. So, now here it starts the needing of translation. Translation services and agencies are become the solution of this kind of communication problem. Fortunately,   translation services are plentiful to assist you in this seeking.  

Great language translation services need this ideally suggests that the firm offers translators who are proficient in languages but are additionally generally natives of the nation.  This is because language is a quite complex thing, varying from one country to another, and it’s important to pay attention to subtleties that the translator should be aware of. Two sentences which have the same meaning for English-speaking individuals can have very different ones in a different nation. Virtually any translator, as a result, should understand not merely how to say things, but additionally the best way to say them in the appropriate context.  For the most appropriate language translation services we should try to find best translators. The translator must confirm spelling, pronunciation, and other crucial information.

                We must verify the quality of the translation.  To maintain effective quality of translation we use various software. These software’s are the kind of a tool. These tools define the missing of translation, punctuation error, spacing problem etc. Today there are several translation companies and translation services who can either involved in quality or in maintaining their position in business world because, they are not able to maintain such type of situation every time. Beside that importance of translation software for business purposes became increasingly mandatory for almost all companies since the web has broken the boards in between every country.

When we talk about Assamese translation it also aspects the above requirements. Assamese is the most prosperous language in north-east. As I mentioned above that if a business wants to become successful then it should be best communicational. Hence, I am working as a Assamese language co-ordinator in Somya Translator Pvt. Ltd.  watching that there is huge expectation of  Assamese language. Recently we have done a vast project of Assamese Translation. In this project we translated about the life stories of grate people of India.  We always try to maintain the highest quality of any translation. So that we have successfully completed this project.  Thus, Assamese people become understand and know about the grate personalities of India. If anyone gets any information or knowledge in his/her own native language, then it would be most helpful for communication. This rule is also applied for a business also. So, at the end we can say translation is the most proper way to communicate for a successful business.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Importance and main relational aspects of Subtitling In Translation World

Generally subtitles are the textual versions of a dialog or commentary in films, television programs or in video games. These are usually displayed at the bottom of the screen of any electronic device. The importance of subtitles is extensively increasing day by day in translation world. The subtitles are found in many forms like a form of written translation of a dialog in a foreign language or a written representation of the dialog in the same language etc.

At present subtitling is become an important field of translation which includes dubbing, voiceover and audio description. Subtitle translation has become very popular and ultimately more important more than ever. Initially we use subtitles in movies only. But in this digital era, almost everything in audio and video format is subtitled. It helps to the deaf viewers who are hard-of-hearing to follow the dialog. It also helps the people who cannot understand the spoken dialogue.

The process of subtitling is to add text in the form of subtitles to a video which are timed to match the dialogue on the video. It is a complex process of adaptation of dialogues to a written text within a whole set of parameters including space limits, rhythm of speech, register and many more. As a result the content of the dialogue has to be cut down to fit in the subtitles. Sometimes the content has to be translated and the subtitles also have to be ‘spotted’ or timed carefully to match the dialogue. A best subtitling would depend on the appropriate changes in sentence, language structure and effective cuts. One must need to have a real art to create subtitles. So, it is necessary to take lots of training and practice to become an efficient subtitler.

The uses of subtitles are expanded in various fields like business, online marketing, advertisement, multimedia etc. Though subtitling and subtitle translation is very much hopeful field for a person it is facing some problems which are preventing the expansion of the market. Therefore it hinders new business opportunities to arise cost, time and quality.

Now we can say that subtitles are very much important part of translation world. As any linguist enhance its areas as subtitling and interpretation. These are interlinked with translation. Subtitling is not a new area. But it has become a very significant part of translation. So, recently subtitling and audio-visual translation have been recognized as the areas that could greatly get benefit from the introduction Statistical MT Techniques (SMT) followed by post-editing techniques to increase productivity and enhance the quality of the results. The future of subtitles is so much hopeful.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Bring success to your business through selection of right translation agency

The essential feature of today's business is that they are becoming increasingly global and crossing the culture barriers. The need and the demand for high-quality language services are greater than ever before. Professional translators with in-depth experience in various technical subjects are especially in demand. Many business activities need this service at some point. How do you go about choosing a right agency for your requirements? What are the key considerations and expectations and how do you ensure quality translations while saving on costs?

Few tips are given below to select a right translation agency.

1: Use a professional translator: If you want a professional translation, you should choose a professional translation provider. The translator should have enough skills, knowledge and experience.

2: Understand the requirements for your translation: There are several important questions you should ask yourself before looking for a good agency.

Should specific terminology be used? What is the target audience? Do you only want a manual translated, or also your company brochure and website? Even if you want these translated at different stages, it is advisable to indicate this at the company. They can create a glossary and translation memory for your specific content. It is also important to know what language your target audience speaks.

3: What type of agency suits you? There are many different kinds of translation agencies. Do you prefer dealing with a local service provider so that you can have personal contact? Would you prefer a large agency? Whatever your preference, it is important to know what quality you can expect of the translation agency.

4: Get the information of several agencies: It is wise to compare several translation agencies with each other. You can contact anyone in your network of contacts who has experience with a translation agency? That is the quickest way to get information about the agencies. The internet is also a very useful source of information. To determine whether a agency is professional, you can examine the following:
  • Is the website written flawlessly? Professional translators are writers and write text that is pleasant to read. A website littered with typing and spelling errors casts a great deal of doubt on whether they can provide professional translations.
5: Discuss your needs with the translation agency: It is always better to discuss with the agency about your specific needs for a translation. In addition to indicating the language(s) to translate to, you can indicate your preferences on style, layout, or any such requirement.

6: Ask the translation agency how they guarantee quality: Each translation firm assures about the quality aspect, but it is important to know how they will achieve it. Thus, ensure that the agency has enough experience to handle the such projects.

You can also confirm whether the translation company makes use of specific translation software. These IT solutions provide the highest quality and speed in your translations.
Last but not the least, you can always trust and have us complete a test translation for you, so you will know what to expect and what you get.