Thursday, April 27, 2017

Challenges Of Learning Foreign Language For Translation And Interpretation

For an adult, learning a foreign language takes a lot of effort. The purpose of learning a new language is communication. Learning a foreign language is a complex process. It goes beyond the technical translation; it is also about knowing the culture, traditions, history and beliefs of the people who speak that particular language. For becoming a foreign language translation expert, you require knowing the linguistic nuances while translating some work and there is no room for error. Something as simple as ‘Where are you going?’ in English, sounds difficult in French ‘où Allez-Vous’.

Here are some challenges you might face while learning a foreign language for translation and interpretation purpose

#1 The larger the vocabulary learned, the more difficult it is to remember 

This is one problem of technical translation which a lot of learners face usually. As your vocabulary increases, it becomes difficult to retain everything and you end up mixing words and its meaning. Practicing newly learned words daily and incorporating it into your everyday life will help you remember the words well.

#2 Mixing two or more similar sounding language 

If you’ve been working as a foreign language translator for one language and decide to learn another, which sounds very similar to the one you very well, there are chances you might end up mixing the two. For example, Spanish and French. The mind faces difficulty in formulating a clear thought process and in framing a clear sentence in a particular language. 

#3 Not understanding what the locals speak 

As a foreign language translator you might fluently speak the foreign language but when it comes to understanding what the locals are speaking, you might hardly understand it. What they would speak would be even more complex and contain even complex sentences than usually spoken and also, they speak very fast. 

#4 Coming across words with similar meaning 

When going for English language translation, you might come across words which have different meanings. For example, the word scale can be used in two ways –
 a) weigh yourself on the scale, 
b) the fish has a lot of scales. 

You will also come across words sound same but with different pronunciations. For example – there and their; these are the two words people get most confused with.

#5 Missing words 

A particular language might not have a name for the certain item. For example, bedroom in English is chambre in French and camera de letto in Italian. While the place or entity bedroom has a word designated in French, in Italian you need to make use of three words for it. This is one of the major challenges faced during English language translation of other languages. 

#6 Finding a language exchange partner 

Being in a daily practice of speaking the language, conversing in it with someone who knows the language well helps build a strong framework. When it comes to technical translation, only if you’re well acquainted with the emotions, highs, and lows of the language will you be able to become a good foreign language translator.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Technical Translations without Hampering Technicalities

The mere word ‘Technical translation’ can appear heavy and somewhat dense to an average and regular reader. However, what it really means is that it makes people understand texts written about technical subject areas that deal with the practical application of scientific and technological information. 

By technical subjects, I mean a variety of areas, ranging from machinery manuals, descriptions of manufacturing processes, software messages, component lists in every kind of machines like automobiles, electronics, industrial equipment and other hardware and software texts. These are very specific subject areas and more often than not, the terminologies used can only be understood by people who study these topics or who take an avid interest in them.

Upon a first glance, these texts may seem utterly incomprehensible to an average reader and may baffle many-a- minds, but technical translations can make it easier by representing the matter in a simple and concise language that can be easily understood by a lay reader who may not have all the required knowledge pertaining to the minor details of a particular subject.

Translation can be fundamentally defined as a way of changing words from one language to another, the main motive behind which is, communication. According to The Oxford Companion to the English Language, translation is the communication of the meaning of a source-language text by means of an equivalent target-language text.

Thus, translators, or technical translators per say, have to have an inside knowledge of the specific language and the terminology that they use. They have to understand the source language that is the language from which they are translating and have good writing skills in the target language, which is the language into which they are translating.

Technical translations have to be linguistically correct as well as technically accurate; hence it is also necessary for the translator to understand the technical aspects of the subject matter of the translation. Many a times, translators can make texts too simplistic leaving behind all technical jargon and spoon-feeding the reader into comprehension.

Situations can also arise whereby the translators use a vocabulary and a terminology that is purely technical, leaving the reader bewildered and flustered and making neither head nor tail of the whole translation.  Both of these ways are incorrect.

Technical translators have to find a midway, whereby the reader is able to comprehend the data easily in a simple day-to-day language along with understanding and gaining knowledge about the technical terminologies and phraseology. They have to keep sentences short, clear, and to the point and avoid idioms and flowery language. Thus, they have to have some essential areas of expertise which include subject knowledge, knowledge of different genres and skills in writing, research and pedagogy.

Technical translations are important as international translation companies need to translate documents related to the company like manuals, user guides, data sheets which need to be reproduced in foreign languages as their operations expand overseas. Hence, technical translations and interpretations enable international manufacturers of mechanical and technical equipment to communicate globally and make an impact in the world economy.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Proof reading and editing services can boost your contemporary business

Globalization has gained impetus and in today’s time where perfection and professionalism rules, it is imperative to fritter time and money to assure that all your certified documents are proof-read and edited without any mistakes. For a proficient mistake free experience, you need to invest in a good and reliable skilled service which puts in their best to proof read and edit your professional documents furnishing you with the best. Whether you are dealing with professional firms or you are gaining a potential client for your business, proof-reading is a vital element in structuring and shaping your deal. You must think twice are you willing to put your deal at risk? To gauge this you can compare the cost you will incur in hiring a specialized editing service and also weigh the cost you will incur when you lose a deal worth thousands and millions. Choice is yours.

How important is proof reading and editing?

 Well! Some businesses have this perception that they are proficient enough to proof-read and edit their own creations. However, this can only be possible if you write occasionally but dealing with business deals, qualified document writing isn’t an occasional thing wherein you cannot reply on your proofreading and editing skills. This is where specialized proofreading services come in. There are various trained proofreading and editing services which make sure that the final document is mistake free before it is used for business dealings.

The sole reason why you must appoint a professional proof reading service is that when you write documents every day, it becomes a habit and as a writer you become so involved in the drill that minute and intricate details get hampered. The practiced proofreading and editing services center on the flow and quality of writing as well as aspire to make the manuscript error free. For business deals overseas and with various clients in the same country, the major form of business dealings is written communication. In written communication, the main thing is that the document must be clear and concise. The scripted communication must not hamper the deal and must have a flawless flow.

However, if you want to pursue a flourishing business and establish faith in your existing potential clients, it is significantly imperative for you to hire a certified proof-reading service. Somya Translators are perhaps, one of the best professional proofreading services. They provide a revised and error free document that doesn’t only allow you to showcase a solemn image of your business but assists you to effortlessly communicate your memorandum with accuracy and lucidity. Whether you want a simple document to be written or a complex one, a legal document or a sophisticated one, your manuscripts showcase and exhibit your reliability. Somya translators portray your message succinctly and precisely. We meet tight rolling deadlines and furnish you with an error-free certified document. Our staff is skilled and proficiently revises the work before submitting the final product to the client.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

English to Spanish: Complexity of the language made easy

Well! There are umpteen numbers of languages around the world. However, English to Spanish translation is perhaps touted to be a very popular service globally. If you have the thoughts of expanding your business globally, the most important thing is to hire a language conversion agency which can solve the complexity of the language barriers and eliminate all the hassles. Majority of companies which have great scope in international markets do not expand their wings into Spanish speaking markets because they feel that English to Spanish-translation is a very big deal and they are satisfied in dealing with domestic clients. But these businesses do not understand the importance of expanding globally and restrict themselves. When you have the potential to build your business and that too in Spanish market, why not try and give it a shot? In this way you can expand your business and garner a greater share of profit. All you need to do is find reliable English to Spanish Translation Company.

What are the services offered by reliable rendition company?

Whenever you plan to hunt for a reliable rendition company which offers English to Spanish conversion, you need to keep in mind certain points. Always remember that an accurate word to word conversion is important but presentation is the key. The presentation, layout, alignment, font, graphic design and typesetting are very important features. Also make sure that the company commits their work is submitted on time. A reliable company always meet’s tight rolling deadlines. Qualified and skilled Spanish translators always have the required experience and understand the needs of the customers. The translators have the level of education which is required for the conversion and are natural in the conversion process. There is always a pro if you choose specialized transformation company, whenever you go for meetings, the translators can help to communicate with your prospective dealers. It would ensure that there isn’t any miscommunication among clients and professionals would always provide on the spot transformation without thinking twice. 

One very important thing is that every country has different styles and ways of promotion and marketing. If your country has x style then another country might have y style. A professional transformation agency would be of great help. You would always know what the other party wants and there would be no scope of confusion. You might feel that you know the language and don’t need any services but what if you aren’t able to decipher the exact meaning of what your dealer is saying? Here is where the professional rendition service comes in. You need to acknowledge and understand about your competitors, about what your dealer has to say as clear communication is a very crucial aspect. 

Using English to Spanish conversion can help you in interacting with a huge number of clientele easily. You would always want your consumers to stay happy and contended as well as you would want them to be satisfied with your product. There wouldn’t be any room for mistakes if you avail for professional English to Spanish rendition agency. Somya Translators Pvt. Ltd. is a professional and reliable English to Spanish translation service. Helpful as well as dependable!