Saturday, July 23, 2011

A passage through Indian languages

India, a country with diverse cultures has evolved out to be the most sought destination for cultural studies by people from all parts of the world; It became a true model of peace and unity for all. Moving from one direction to another has its own flavour, as one can peacefully have a cultural dip that experiences anybody a feel consisting of unity in diversity, pride and serenity which are the hallmarks of our country. Among a variety of cultural differences, language is one of them. Within every length and breadth of geographical boundary one can find people speak different languages. There are many foreign people visiting in India from abroad who take help of various translators for all Indian languages Translations.

There are many languages spoken in India which have their own stories and histories of origins, mixed up with cultures of different times. However, with India having secured an important position in the global market, it led to a booming positive impact on the part of Indian markets, which ultimately resulted in the formation of new industry known as Translation industry. Despite the fact of having a lot of language challenges on the path of good business, there is no stopping of business expansion which is solved by translators of various languages. Those Indian languages translators have got the expertise and talents to be able to carry out their responsibility in a more dynamic way.

Exploring through the Indian language translator world, one may find the position of each language as per importance given by people. The language popularity in India has extended to outside as well that can be seen or perceived by increasing number of Foreign people studying Indian languages. India, being one of the highly populated countries of the world, having more manpower as compared with others outside, many people from the corporate world is targeting India. We find a lot of Multi-National Companies in operation, established markets in India; many other Foreign Direct Investment (FDIs) inflows are heading towards the country. It has actually brought the relation of business and languages closer.

Therefore, for the deeper penetration into India, they need to interact and know the languages commonly spoken by those people. Inside the country also people are getting more multi linguistics which augurs betterment for the country.

All Indian languages are being used for oral and written communications; a lot of books are available in the world market today penned down in various Indian languages by Indian authors. This is the way how our languages got familiarity which made the translation industry a hot subject of discussion.

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