Monday, January 11, 2010

Style guide Creation for Assamese Language (Part II)

Morphology and grammar
The Assamese language has the following characteristic morphological features.
1. Gender and number are not grammatically marked.
2. There is lexical distinction of gender in the third person pronoun.
3. Transitive verbs are distinguished from intransitive.
4. The agentive case is overtly marked as distinct from the accusative.
5. Kinship nouns are inflected for personal pronominal possession.
6. Adverbs can be derived from the verb roots.
7. A passive construction may be employed idiomatically.

The Assamese phonetic inventory consists of eight oral vowel phonemes, three nasalized vowel phonemes, fifteen diphthongs (two nasalized diphthongs) and twenty-one consonant phonemes.
The parts of speech uses in Assamese languageNoun1. Common Noun ---- Man, cow
2. Proper Noun ----- Ram, Rahim, Hari
3. Material Noun ---- Water, Box, Table
4. Verbal Noun ----- Movement, tour
5. Abstract Noun ----- Happiness, beautyPronoun
Example ------ he, she, they, yesterday, now

1. Proper Adjective ----- beautiful, ugly
2. Verbal Adjective ----- edited, drawn
3. Adjective Adjective ---- Very much, too much, too many
4. Adverb ---- quickly, repeatedly

1. Transitive ---- eat, get
2. Intransitive ---- walk, cry


  1. What about Assamese spellings? Can you help us to understand the rules of Assamese spellings, particularly, is there any guideline to spell the nouns correctly?

  2. Dear Chakarabarty,

    Thanks for your Questions. Assamese grammar rules are followed for the spelling, even if the transliterated word sounds differently.

    Here are some example for transliteration:

    Screen---- Assamese (স্ক্রীণ) Non Assamese (স্ক্রীন)
    Internet--- Assamese (ইণ্টাৰনেট) Non Assamese (ইন্টাৰনেট)

    Some common spelling error in Assamese:

    Correct -------- Incorrect
    বাঞ্ছনীয় -------- বঞ্চনীয়
    কাৰণে -------- কাৰনে

    Spelling Variations

    There are many instances of spelling variations in Assamese e.g. ব’হাগ/বহাগ, ৰং/ৰঙ, দলং/দলঙ, পংগু/পঙ্গু৷

    Assamese grammar rules are followed for the spell the nouns correctly.

    Thanks & Regards,