Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A new tool called Chinese translation

A new area to explore for people looking opportunities has come up in the form of English to Chinese translation; it has emerged as a new area where people can learn and earn becoming Chinese to English translators. Chinese is the language mainly spoken in China, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines, Australia, Indonesia, Mauritius and Peru. The total number of people speaking this language is about 1.3 billion as per the record shown in the Wikipedia.

Chinese is itself a big family of languages; it is comprised of simplified Chinese and many other languages which are mostly unintelligible to one another of people speaking different languages of same origin. The original indigenous languages spoken by Hans Chinese form one of the Sino-Tibetan languages belonging to the same kin. The standard Chinese is officially spoken in People Republic of China and Republic of China known as Taiwan; it is also one of the four official languages of Singapore. The Chinese translation got a huge market demand today due to the outstanding trade performance by China in the global market. The quick and fast economic development of china has helped it to spread its dominance in the international market. After liberalization, all trade barriers in the form of trade tariffs, export and import taxes were reduced and the international trade institution in the form of World Trade Organization is functioning the world trading system under a new facet.

However, the language barriers which were earlier are still prevailing, that have become great challenge on the path of business. It led to the creation of new demand in the market which is now catered by the language translation industry that has settled in the world market. English to Chinese translation is the best solution for people almost from every corner of the world having business deal with China taking the help of Chinese interpreter. Today thousands of people in all over the world are engaged into the translation business. English to Chinese translators can find jobs in various translation agencies and also can work as freelancers depending on their own choice. Nowadays, Chinese translation into many different languages is being done especially for literary and religious works. We can find various religious books written in traditional Chinese and translated into different languages.

Anybody having sound knowledge and expertise of Chinese can work as Chinese translators in various publishing houses and can make it as a fulfilling career. The importance of interpretation and translation of the languages took people and Government by surprises; they realized this sector can be taken as another way of economic development and employment generation for jobless people. Having that in mind the Government is making enormous efforts to provide upward push to the translation industry as several institutions providing Chinese language course have been opened; for instance, JNU University, Delhi University, Bharatiya Vidhya Bhawan and many other private institutions like YMCA etc. where hundreds of students sit for entrance tests every year.


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