Friday, August 19, 2011

Korean a Language Barrier Solution

Did you feel helpless in your last trip in Korea because of language barrier? Never mind, pack up your all essentials for your next trip and make it more exciting and meaningful with English to Korean translation. Hurry up! Don’t think twice otherwise you would end up losing your big opportunity!

English to Korean translation would definitely add extra flavour to your holidays no matter of the country you belong, how long distance you came across.

Korean is the major language spoken in North and South Korea; it is also an official language of both the countries. Apart from these, countries like People’s Republic of China Yanbian and People’s Republic of China also use it as their official language. The number of people speaking Korean is 78 million worldwide.

North and South Korea are located in Asia and these two developed countries can be considered as one of the business centres of Asia. English to Korean translation has become an essential requirement for everyone be it businessperson, tourists or any kind of travelers. The significance of this language can be felt not only in those countries but also in other countries like India, USA, France and UK.

It is because Korean people travelling to these countries are not well acquainted with other cultures and languages. They need full English to Korean translation or interpretation of foreign language into their mother tongue by well experienced, skilful and competent English to Korean translators, to make them feel comfortable and their travelling money worthy.

Globalization and liberalization are the two significant factors that truly changed the entire scenario of the global market. It led to the creation of stiff competition among the people, their businesses and companies which can be taken as an agent helping out the Korean translation. These are the main characteristics of today’s business world as invited by liberalization by removing the entire trade barriers that earlier existed like licensing, export and import duties, taxes etc.

In order to survive in that kind of business world people need to resort to various business tactics to remain ahead of each other. Localization of language is one of them. Tours, travelling and interaction are common features of today’s business life. Dependence on Korean translators and interpreters has become an important key.

Hence, the more these features increase, the more will be the necessity of language translation, which ultimately gave birth to the translation industry. This industry since coming into the sight hasn’t looked back. It also provided a great scope to English to Korean translators or interpreters.


  1. Korean translation is a solution for obstacle of business growth, in dealing Koreans visiting to foreign countries; it provided ample scope to people willing to form career in translation industry.

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