Monday, August 1, 2011

Finnish-A language for all

Do you want to welcome the guests from Finland through English to Finnish translation? If yes, definitely you will require English to Finnish translators who are readily available in India.

Finnish is the major language of Finland situated in the northern part of Europe; apart from it, there are many neighbouring countries where Finish is used as preferred language like in Estonia, Ingria, Karelia, Norway and Sweden. This language is officially used in Finland and European Union and became major minority language of Sweden and Republic of Karelia.

The total number of people speaking Finnish is about six million as per as the data given in the Wikipedia.

The introduction of globalization and liberalization led to the free flow of trade and business network in every corner of the world. It actually made the global market productive as well as competitive. This infinite business flow has created a new demand in the market known as language translation with which English to Finnish translation is a crucial part. For every business movement one needs regular interaction and communication with different people all around; sometimes the communication barriers appear in the form of a great obstacle on the path of business. For simple illustration, people visiting to Finland for business purposes usually need English to Finnish translators for effective delivery of the information.

Localization of language taken up as a new tool by people has provided an upward push to the language translation industry looking of today’s competitive environment. Apart from it, there are many writers and poets who are engaged in their literary works; these works are translated into many other languages. For example, there are many numbers of Finnish writers and poets working on large variety of their literary works that are translated into different languages. Finnish translators are hired and they may find suitable employments in various publishing houses.

Today, the business activities with the European countries got enlarged due to their dominance in the world market. Several companies having origins in various countries are trying to make entry into the European countries, particularly in Finland. For any business transaction from legal matters, banking works to educational books, shopping and marketing all use Finnish. The necessity to know the language is not new as it is felt just to grab the attention of the Finnish speaking people, so that they may pay visit again.

The smooth running of tourism industry increased the traffic of tourists to India from Finland which resulted in the necessity of translation of this language. With the objective of language translation business, the Indian Government opened up various institutions that provide Finnish and many other foreign language courses.


  1. The necessity for business dealing within the European countries particularly, in Finland and its neighboring countries, has brought a huge demand of English to Finnish translation.


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