Friday, August 5, 2011

English to Arabic translation-Another economic source

Language has fully turned into a better way to build good rapport among people living outside by learning their language. The more you know languages, the more chances are with you to strengthen your relationship with those speaking that particular language.

Arabic language has provided a platform full of opportunities to people having sound knowledge and proficiency. This language is basically spoken in countries like Bahrain, Jordan, Morocco, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, United Arabs Emirates and Saudi Arabia. In many other countries this language is popularly used, more or less people are widely accepting Arabic expansion.

The main origin of Arabic language is considered to be from the language known as Proto-Semitic which resemble with the language spoken in many parts of Africa; the holy Quran of Islam also contributed preserving the original scripts of the language in written form. Today, words of Arabic origin can also be found in many of the European languages that show the strong dominance of Arabs during the medieval period in all over the Europe.

Nowadays, this Arabic language became one of the important foreign languages whose demand in the market soared like never before due to the increasing trade relation among the countries. With the globalization and liberalization introduced by the world trade organization taking the consensus of the countries these two processes came into existence with full force. It led to the removal of the various trade barriers and restrictions of the countries that brought every country under business umbrella tied with business string.

With the coming of translation industry into the global market the demand of Arabic translators gave an upward push to Arabic translation which became a big necessity since the inception of the globalization. All the Arabs countries are developed and rich in petroleum products. They have a strong dominance in the international market and act as an artery because no country wants to keep itself isolated from these Arabs countries as every country requires importing of petroleum products. Due to this several European countries are pressing for forming a trade relation; they are supplying a lot of Foreign Direct Investments to these countries. For any trade development into these countries the companies need to come into a good mutual understanding which again requires translation and interpretation of the communication into Arabic. People having good grasped of English and proficiency in Arabic can find themselves employed into English to Arabic translation industry.

These days Arabic translation has become a source of revenue generation for the Government which resulted in the formation of various measures and policies to further develop this industry.


  1. English to Arabic translation is considered vital key for business prospect in Arabia. The coming of translation industry in market made Arabic translation an important economic source.


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