Saturday, August 5, 2017

Essential Qualities of an Efficient Human Translator

Translators are those professionals who convert various texts from the source language to the target language. There are varied fields where translators play a vital role, for instance, marketing, research, technology, legal domains etc. They translate various documents related to these fields as per the requirement. With the advancement of the technology, we have become accustomed to machine translation besides manual translation. Both mediums have their advantages and disadvantages as well as their place in the market. However, the nature and stature of the translation project would determine which medium is best.

One thing is certain, that is no amount of accuracy in machine translation cannot replace an efficient human translator. This is because translation process is not merely about word to word conversion. It is a much deeper process than it appears on the surface and always requires human touch and understanding for more effectiveness. A good translator takes into account not only the meaning of individual words, but also the context and core message of the whole text and conveys it in the target language accordingly. For an efficient translator there are certain qualities that make their work superior to a machine translation, they are-

Expertise in Both Languages

Translation involves two languages and the translator should possess a profound knowledge of both. In fact, having a thorough knowledge of the languages a translator works on is a prerequisite. The knowledge should not just be verbal, but formal, written kind. Even if one of the languages involved is the native language of the translator, he/she should not take it lightly. Knowing both the languages in deeper level is a sign of an efficient translator.

Research is Must

Even after being proficient in both the languages, there are still scope for improvements and that comes from systematic research. Research often leads to the perfect words that fit the meaning of the source language in a given context. It is true for technical and legal documents where an alteration of the word can affect the whole meaning in a great way. An efficient translator always does his research in order to offer the best-in-class translation services and stay ahead of others.

Certification of the Translation Skills

With the emergence of globalisation more and more people are connecting together, which is creating a distinct milieu. In such a scenario, lots of opportunities are opening up for the translators. A professional certification certainly gives an edge to the translator in the professional field. There are various institutes that offer certification courses for translators. Such courses would equip a translator with relevant skills and knowledge of the professional translation services and improve their efficacy.

Discipline and Moral Values

An efficient professional in any field should be disciplined about his work and also possess the knowledge of professional ethics. Without these qualities, a professional is quite useless and translation world is no exception to that rule. A proficient translator should be dedicated to his work, show discipline while working and adhere to the professional norms. They should have ethical values as well to become a trustworthy member of a team.


For efficient and error-free translation services, one needs a proficient human translator who is not only an expert linguist but also possesses other necessary qualities. Given the vital part a translator plays in the globalisation process, they need to possess all the above mentioned qualities in order to stand out. This would not only make them a better and more efficient professional but would also help to a great extent in the growth of the modern world.

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