Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Changing dimensions in the language & translation industry

With technology at our fingertips, the world seems to be becoming a smaller place. Everything is more accessible. While companies trying to make an international presence rely on professional translation services to reach out to a larger audience, even domestic companies have begun to realize the potential of translation services to make a more profound impact in the market. With the increase in language diversity within each country the need for translation is definitely prevalent even for domestic businesses.

Translation is no more restricted to mere text translation. With technology advancing by leaps and bounds, the translation industry is undergoing a paradigm shift in the kind of services it provides. Translation service providers need to constantly work at incorporating the various requirements that arise with technological advancement and provide the latest services to every company which desires a comprehensive translation.

Audio & Video Localization

The demand for voice based content is booming. This is not something new, but with ever increasing popularity of video content, voice content also is gaining importance. As it’s practically not possible to recreate the video content for different sets of target audiences, voice–overs and subtitling become crucial. This has created a huge demand for audio & video localization as well as subtitling services.

Content Explosion

In today’s world, there is more to do in less time. With content being updated and circulated at such a rapid frequency, the need for high quality content writing services is becoming a major requirement for most companies.

Multi-Lingual Web Content 

With globalization and immigration, the need for multi lingual web content has increased drastically. Web localization services help to transform your websites into marketing tools that appeal to a global audience.

Multi-Lingual SEO services 

Multi-lingual SEO is also gaining momentum. A well translated website will be of no use, if it can’t be found by people. Hence with web content translation, the need for providing multi lingual SEO services becomes imperative.

Software Localization

With nearly 5.7 million apps available for downloading and the need for desktop software and website applications to appeal to a multi lingual audience, software localization services has a huge demand.

Machine translation

The key to translating web content, marketing copy etc doesn’t boil down to a simple word to word translation. In order to convey a brands identity and to get across the appropriate message to the target audience, a human translation becomes inevitable. Relying on machine translation can not only put a company’s reputation at stake but can also lead to huge monetary losses. While machine translation is making rapid advancement in the features it can offer, any company looking for a complete translation will have to turn to professional human translators.

In the present scenario, any translation company must to strive to be updated with the rapidly evolving requirements in the language and translation industry. The aim must be to move from mere translation services to providing a wide range of muti media translation services in order to stay abreast with the changing times.


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