Monday, August 8, 2011

Flemish- The New Language Destination for Translators

Are you willing to add extra fun in your holiday’s celebration in Belgium? If it’s true, then you have to understand and speak their language, which of course, is no more an issue with the availability of English to Flemish translation in all over the world.

Translate Flemish into English which is the variant or modified form of Dutch, usually spoken in Flanders of Belgium and in certain parts of the Netherland. Flemish actually has no official language status, as per the mentioning in Wikipedia, it is considered as the term for few groups of people speaking non-standardized dialects. Flemish is spreektaal, means it is not for written communication but for only oral communication.

However, despite the fact that Flemish has no use in writing, it gained more significance and popularity due to the intermingling of the cultures of different countries forced by widespread expansion of global market led by globalization and liberalization. Flemish translation emerged as a new demand in the market due to the localization taken as an instrument for business enlargement in which many Flemish translators are engaged in jobs. Localization of information by companies usually benefits them to promote their products and companies, conversing local people into potential customers.

Flemish translation usually targets Flemish speaking people that assist in the quest of new business opportunities particularly in those areas where this language is highly prevalent. The emergence of tourism industry also significantly contributed towards the increase of demand of Flemish. For simple illustration, Tourists visiting to Flanders from India, UK, USA and many other parts of the world, would require English to Flemish or Flemish to English translators for better understanding of their culture and language. The coming of translation industry as an area with possible business opportunities led to the strengthening of language translation. Today, hundreds of jobs are being created through this industry alone taking the burden off shouldered by Government to provide employments to today’s job seeking youths. Gone are the days when people used to ignore language learning, saying it had less scope of making it career.

Nowadays, the entire scenario has been changed; without knowledge of language no company can survive in this competitive world. For example, large number of Flemish visit to India for different purposes, that naturally grows the Indian tourism industry and translation industry as well. Flemish visitors usually prefer to have the translation services by English to Flemish translators that would surely provide them warmth. It is true to say that people interacting different people speaking their mother tongue usually adds flavour to their enjoyments which acts like icing on the cake.

The Indian Government is also pressing hard to promote language education, looking the infinite growth prospect of this industry and that can be observed by the fact that a number of language translation agencies have become actively operational in India. There are many Government recognized institutes or privately held universities that provide several foreign language courses including Flemish.

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  1. Flemish a new language destination with business and employment opportunity has created a demand for English to Flemish translation in the global market due to the changing trend of business today.


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