Thursday, August 4, 2011

Finding new ways with Farsi Language

As all of us know that Farsi is the language which was formed from Persian language. As per the historians this is the language which was spoken in India during 14th century to 16th century; although very few people usually use the language in India, but significant amount of population speaking this language is found in countries like Afghanistan, Bahrain, Iraq, Oman, Yemen and United Arabs Emirates which are the integral part of the world trade.

With the establishment of globalization, liberalization and advancement of transport and communication, the whole countries came very closer to each others. Trade development began to take place between the countries resulting in the formation of international trade organization known as World Trade Organization which usually monitors the trading system of the entire world. From the very beginning of the modern period English has been the main business language of the global market.

However, the most recent business trend made people to change their business tactics due to overgrowing competition among the businesses. Localization of languages has become a new tool for people in order to reach to large masses which are usually targeted as consumers. For any trade to be developed and nurtured in the areas comprising of Farsi speaking people, there should be the localization of information disseminated to local people about the companies, products and about various promotional activities carried out by the companies. These companies require more English to Farsi translation services in order to create a mutual understanding among the people; otherwise, there might be the possibility of emerging different ideas leading to ultimate confrontations. It would lead the companies to nowhere. Today, English to Farsi translators have a huge demand in the markets due to the contribution given by the countries where this language is spoken to the world market. The establishment of language translation as fast emerging industry catering to all the translation services needed by the companies has actually led to the increase in demand of Farsi translation. Gone are the days when people had ignorance towards learning languages due to having less vision about the possibility of making careers out of languages.

However, the arrival of language translation as an industry in the global market led to the reduction of burden shouldered by Government to provide employment to the youths. Thousands of people are engaged into this sector working in the form of language translators and interpreters. Farsi translation has given a new means of livelihood to people especially who are well versed in Farsi.


  1. Having the entire world entered into the business umbrella of the global market, many employment opportunities are available for the people especially those looking to make career in the translation industry with Farsi language.


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