Monday, August 1, 2011

English to Danish translation

No more language trouble for people from any corner of the world touring Europe through Germany and Denmark as English to Danish translation is ready to help you enjoy the holidays. So why wait? Hire translators to translate Danish to English and add extra fun to your holiday’s celebration.

The increase in frequency of traveling by tourists from different countries led to the creation of a new demand of English to Danish translators. As per the information provided in the Wikipedia, Danish, the North Germanic language is usually spoken by six million people in Denmark; fifty thousand people belonging to Danish ethnicity, inhabitants of Schleswig Holstein in Germany use this language as their own minority language. In Faroe Islands, there are many Danish crown territories where Danish is compulsorily introduced as a subject in schools in order to ensure all school children get the mastery of the language.

Danish is widely spoken in Denmark, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Norway, Iceland, and Schleswig Holstein in Germany; it is also the official language of Denmark, Faroe Island and European Union.

The standard Danish having the common dialects as its base is usually spoken by more than 25% of the people living in the capital, Copenhagen and many of the Government offices, institutions and businesses are installed at the capital that resulted in the formation of a common national speech norm inhibited in the language. Unlike many other foreign languages, this language does not have more than single speech norm in that particular region.

Today the entire world came under the business umbrella; the countries got tied with the business string brought by the process of globalization and liberalization. There is a prevalence of competition everywhere; people from diverse backgrounds are striving for their dominance in the international markets. Several types of tactics are being used as business tools for the enhancement of business expansion. For carrying out all these business activities there is a necessity of good communication which determines the success of the business. Localization of the languages used for the promotion of the company and its products in the market is essentially considered as one of the main business pillars. English to Danish translation has emerged as an economic source in which hundreds of people are engaged for their daily livelihood.

The demand of the translation in the market has produced a new industry called language translation industry. English to Danish translation is also a part of the translation industry. Many English to Danish translators are working in the interpretation department of various agencies ranging from small agencies to big firms. Danish translation is playing an important role in the European markets as for any business deal inside those countries where Danish is predominant, Danish translation is taken as mean for business communication. Many Danish translators are hired by foreign companies during their business promotion.

In India, the Government is also putting best effort to promote language translation industry looking the future prospects. Many of the Government recognized Universities like JNU, Delhi Universities and other Government approved private Universities are providing Danish along with other courses, where hundreds of students sit every year for entrance test.


  1. Language translation is a booming sector, people are ready to move beyond the Geographical barriers for the sake of business.

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